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Pistol Transport, Inc. provides a full range of mechanical services for trucks of all models and sizes.  From the standard maintenance of an oil change to major repairs such as head gaskets and rebuilds, we are proud to be representatives for such respected industry leaders as 'Castrol',  'Donaldson' and 'Goodyear'.  These high quality products combined with proven mechanical abilities should make Pistol Transport your choice for the proper care of your most important asset.

Our Chief Mechanic, Mike Tamba has better than twenty-five years experience in the field of vehicle maintenance and is certified and knowledgeable in 'Caterpillar', 'Detroit Diesel', 'Cummins' and 'Mercedes Benz’ engine repair.  Mike is also well versed in fabrication & welding, hydraulic systems, wet line systems, PTO's, APU systems & add on generator sets.

Pistol Transport's "Full Preventative Maintenance" utilizes the finest industry products and includes the following:

Drain and fill the oil with heavy duty or synthetic blend motor oil

Drain and fill the transmission with synthetic 50W fluid

 Drain and fill the rear axle with synthetic 75/90 fluid

 Grease the chassis, drive line & fifth wheel

 Replace the filters for the oil, fuel and air.

We feature Castrol brand fluids and oils for the ultimate in performance and reliability.  From the synthetic blend 'Hypuron' motor oil, that literally DOUBLES the miles between necessary oil changes, to the heavy duty quality of 'Tection Extra'.  These products are engineered to maximize performance and protect against engine wear as only a world leader like Castrol can.  So go with the name you trust......Castrol.

Donaldson.  The name is synonymous with filters.  This legendary producer of oil, fuel and air filters name can be found all over the shelves here at Pistol.  We stock only the finest in popular sizes to better accommodate you, the customer.

What about tires you ask?  Well only one name stands above all others when you are talking truck tires.  That name is Goodyear.  The tire selected by Pistol Transport for its fleet can be yours.  Tire purchase and mounting is available through Pistol.  Whether you are looking for brand new or retreaded tires look for the name you have come to trust for nearly a century, Goodyear.  And the name you will soon come to trust, Pistol Transport.

So if quality is important to you when selecting service and parts for your vehicle, then Pistol Transport is the right place to call for all of your truck service needs.  Call us at (330) 220-1420.

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